Friday, October 5, 2012

Where Did it Go? - Week 2


The implementation of the second inquiry involved children expanding on their exploration of the big idea "Where did it go?" Intension was to study the motion and the direction of an object going through a tube. The children wanted to study where the object went and how it got there. In this activity children used fine motor skills to explore cause and effect. They put a marble into a curved pbc pipe and observed the marble get stuck in the loops or roll out of the pipe. When the marble did not come out children looked inside to see if the marble was till there. They then attempted to take the marble with their hands and last moved the pipes around to dump the marble out. Children also tested how marbles traveled through shorter pipes in comparison to longer pipes. The concepts children learned  and enhanced doing this activity include the concept of motion, directionality, and the concept of permanence. 

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