Friday, October 26, 2012

Sound - Week 5

Last week during our inquriy activity the children showed an interest in exploring the concept of vibration.  They placed small slides on the drum and watched as it moved around.  During this week’s activity we explored vibration more in depth using the big drum, xylophone, water jar, tuning forks, and variety of materials (leaves, cars, gourds etc.) .  We  placed objects on the drum and watched its motion.  We also continued to investigate volume by using force to hit the drum and experimenting with the xylophone.  They played the different keys and recognized the pitch of each one.  While using the tuning fork the children were intrigued with hearing the sound.  Some made the connection between the vibration of the fork and the noise.  
To extend this activity I plan to focus on the concept of pitch.  By using different materials we can explore the various pitches in sound, ranging from high pitches using the tuning forks and xylophone to low pitches using the gong.  

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