Friday, October 19, 2012

Sound Investigation - Week 4

Group Summary: Sound
Week 4
October 16, 2012
   In this week’s inquiry lesson we continued to explore with the drums, but we added an assortment of drum sticks made from different materials.  One was made of bristles, another was covered in cloth, another covered in suede, and there was one which was only made wood.  There were two types of drums set out, the large drum used from the last lesson and a medium sized drum.  The children tested each stick on the drums and observed the noise which it produced.  They continued to explore volume and found an interest in using the drum stick which made the loudest noise.  They were also fascinated with comparing the stick sounds to each other and how they differed on either drum.  Some children moved towards a new concept, which was also seen last week, of placing objects such as light table cards on the drum and watching as they moved around while they hit the drum.                          
Since the children showed an interest in exploring vibrations I plan on focusing the next lesson on this concept.  We will use materials and place them on a drum and observe what occurs.

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