Monday, September 30, 2013

Perspectives: Mirrors Learning Group

 Sand on Mirrors 
Week of September 23, 2013

Since their encounters with the triangle mirror in the classroom began, the children have been interested in mirrors. Based on my observations of the children during a variety of activities using mirrors, I am curious to understand their thinking about reflections. Do they see their reflections as extensions of their own bodies, or just as a ‘picture’ on another surface?
This week I provided the children with a long mirror laid flat on the ground and covered with black sand. I was interested to see how having another material on the mirror would affect their current views of reflections. The children were hesitant at first, but quickly began uncovering the surface of the mirror. They spent time both observing the texture of the sand and the mirror, as well as noticing their reflections when the sand was moved.  The children didn’t seem to notice their reflections until after a large portion of their face was visible.

Currently, the children seem to think what they see in the mirror is the same as reality (sand on their face in their reflection means sand must be on their face). We will continue to explore mirrors and other materials to gain an understanding of the children’s ideas about mirrors.

Monday, September 16, 2013

More Animals Hiding

Friday, September 13th

The children continue to show interest in the dinosaurs and animals.  Today we had the rocking boat in our classroom.  We turned it over to make stairs and used the animals on the stairs.  The animals were walking up and down.  Hassan realized he could push the animals through the stairs and make them “hide” under the stairs.  The children joined in and pushed all the animals under the stairs.  Each time they pushed an animal under, they would look at Mrs. Daigneau and say, “Where did it go?”  Hilton realized that if you pushed the animals farther under the stairs you couldn’t see the animals when you peeked in.  This was a great example of perspectives…how do you hide objects so no one can see them when they are looking!

Good Night!

Friday, September 13

The children spent a large portion of the morning dancing.  They had a lot of energy so we put on music and provided them with ribbons.  They loved jumping up and down and spinning around.  After dancing, they decided they were tired.  Rowan pulled out pillows and hand the other children lay down.  She covered them up and rubbed their backs.  These types of moments are great for developing pretend play skills, as well as empathy for others as she practiced taking care of everyone.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hide and Seek Animals

During an exploration of dinosaurs, the children noticed the animals fit under our recycled materials.  Carraig decided to line up the cartons and place an animal under each one.  He would then lifted the carton slowly to show Khristos that there were animals under there.  Khristos laughed, which would encourage Carraig to “peek” out other animals for Khristos.  Khristos then picked up each one and looked inside for animals hiding.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome to Fall 2013!


We are so excited for this semester...and we have had a great start already!  The children have been getting adjusted to the new classroom and new classmates.  We have been busy exploring new things already! In the next few weeks you will see our learning groups develop and our blog posts will be very specific to the learning occurring in those groups.  Until then, we wanted to share some beginning of the semester pictures!  Enjoy!