Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Family Chores

This week we talked about roles various family members take on at home. First we talked about all the people in our families (mom, dad, brothers, sons, sisters, daughters, aunts, uncles, and grandparents). We talked about our relationship to each person. The children were then given little cards and were able to place them by the appropriate family member. There were a lot of jobs in the home where the children chose mom as the one for the role. After we talked about what jobs the other people did. Many children stated aunts and uncles were the ones who played with them the most. Along with adult jobs we also talked about the jobs the children could help with. They were also eager to talk about what jobs they helped with at home. Many said they help mom cleaning and help dad get the mail. Another popular task was vacuuming, they all liked to help vacuum. We talked about many jobs and came up with the ideas of how we can help around the house.

 I noticed the children like to wrap the babies and put them to sleep. A few weeks ago we were reading to the babies. I feel that if we integrate reading with sleeping the children will engage in the exploration. It will give them a chance to play roles as moms, dads, and babies. The children will get a chance to take care of each other and take on new roles.