Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Roles In The Community: Construction Work Planning, Building, Fixing and Rebuilding

Familiarity of Materials – Working with Lincoln Logs and Small Blocks

Week of February 10, 2014
This lesson plan is based on the children’s prior experiences working with blocks and creating different kinds of structures. This group has been very interested in dramatic play, so we incorporated their interests with building in order for the children to think like construction workers and practice role playing. This lesson is part of the “big idea” of roles in the community, jobs and responsibilities. The focus is for the children to work together to form ideas and designs for structures that they will build and think about as a group. Extending off of their first inquiry lesson, the children will discuss how they have worked together in efforts to continue collaborating and sharing ideas and move in the direction of planning and thinking as construction workers.
We will continue to think about construction and focus on planning. The activities based on planning are intended to lead the children into building and thinking about implementing their own designs when working together with others. Additionally, the children will continue to reflect on their own participation and how they work in small groups together.