Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Roles In The Community: Construction Work Planning, Building, Fixing and Rebuilding

Problem Solving and Working Together
Week of February 16, 2014

This lesson plan is based on the children’s prior experiences working with blocks and creating different kinds of structures. This group has been very interested in dramatic play, so we incorporated their interests with building in order for the children to think like construction workers and practice role playing. This lesson is part of the “big idea” of roles in the community, jobs and responsibilities. The focus was for the children to work together to form ideas and designs for structures that they will build and think about as a group. Extending off of their first and second inquiry lessons, the children worked in small groups to put together pieces that create a picture of a building like a puzzle.
The children used the materials provided to work together and independently to put together the various puzzles. Usually in groups of two, the children would explore the activity by matching up edges and comparing their work with the original picture. The children were very interested in helping one another with this activity. Working together to problem solve and fit pieces together forming different structures, the children all participated in an introductory activity that allowed them to practice collaborative planning skills.