Friday, January 24, 2014

Beginning Project Ideas

As we enter into a new semester we begin to think about new ideas and concepts to explore with the children.  We have noticed they really enjoy many aspects of dramatic play: dancing, taking care of babies, building roads, playing restaurant, etc.  We are beginning to explore these ideas more deeply with the children...particularly the "roles" we act out when playing these types of activities.  What do waiters do? What are policeman jobs? What do mommies and daddies do for their babies? How do artists create art? If we are performing, who is going to be the audience? Our big question we are beginning to explore is: What do these people do? What are their roles?

Wet Sand!

The children have been very engaged in exploring dry, damp, wet and VERY wet sand.  We have a sensory table full of sand in our art studio and every day we explore the sand.  Sometimes we play with the dry sand...usually the children ask the teachers to add water to it.  Sometimes we add just enough water so that we can create molds and sand castles.  Sometimes we add a lot of water and the children explore mud and create "rivers" running through our table.  This has been a daily experience...the sand is always open and the children often enjoy exploring this during drop off time.