Monday, October 29, 2012

Tunnel Learning Group - Week 5

Using Tubes with Holes

The implementation of the 5th inquiry involved children expanding on their exploration of the big idea “Where did it go?" The children wanted to study the motion of the marble going through the tube. The intention of this activity was to investigate putting marbles in through the openings at the top of the tubes. The children explored the new tubes by putting marbles in the opening at the top and watching it roll down through the holes. They noticed that the marbles did not fit through some of the holes because they were too small. Some of the children thought the holes in the tube affected the motion of the marble and shook the tube to get the marble out. They also connected several tubes together to create a long tube. Some of the children also investigated the motion of the marble in a stationary tube. They noticed that the marbles move slower and fast depending on how much force they use to roll the marble. Some concept the children learned during this activity include the concept of motion, cause and effect, and directionality.

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