Friday, October 26, 2012

Scenery - Week 5

Safari Animals Prints!
Week of October 22-26, 2012
The children were fascinated with seeing the giraffe print on their shirts and arms last week.  I decided to print a variety of different types of animal prints – giraffe, zebra, snake and tiger.  They were very excited to explore these patterns.  First I noticed the children were much more active with these scenes.  They were jumping up and down, dancing and acting out the animals.  I had my iPad and was taking pictures of the children as they were exploring, making sure to capture photos with the prints on their faces or shirts.  I then showed them the pictures.  They were captivated by their changed faces and often traced the outline of the prints on their faces.  They pretended to “be” the animals and acted out what the animals would do.  At one point someone put an elephant on the wall with the giraffe print and we discussed whether the elephant became a giraffe or not. 
To continue this idea, I would like to explore the animal prints some more.  This time I will have the animal patterns printed on regular paper and the animals on transparencies.  I want to see what animals they match up with the patterns.  Will they stay consistent with the correct animal patterns or mix it up?

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