Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scenery Learinng Group - Week 3


Abraham consistently picks out the dinosaur no matter what type of scenery we explore, so I decided to do scenery of dinosaurs.  I moved the exploration table just below where the image projects on the wall and placed tree blocks and dinosaurs.  The children were very engaged with the dinosaurs, making their dinosaurs interact with each other, matching dinosaurs with pictures on the wall, and making their dinosaurs interact with the other dinosaurs, grass and water on the wall. Their social interactions increased greatly, having the play dinosaurs and the projection of the dinosaurs together.  The projection also helped their play become more complex, gaining ideas of how to play with their dinosaurs from what the dinosaurs in the scene were doing. The children are very interested in interacting with the animals, so to extend this idea I will be continuing animal scenery by using a zoo, the jungle, and farm.

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