Friday, October 26, 2012

Tunnel Learning Group - Week 4

Using Bendable Tubes

The implementation of the thirst inquiry involved the children expanding on the exploration of the big idea "Where did it go?" The intention for this project was to study the motion and direction of an object going through a bendable tube. The children wanted to study how the shape of the tube affects the motion of the object inside. The children explore the tubes by stretching them and then compressing them. They also bent the tubes into different shapes and put the marbles inside. The children soon saw that the marble did not always come out depending on the spa of the tube. They found ways to get the marble out of the tube. Some of the children straightened the tube out and other flipped it over to get the marble out. The children also make longer tubes by connecting several tubes together. Some of the concept the children learned during this activity include the concept of motion, cause and effect, and directionality.

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