Friday, October 11, 2013

Perspectives - Mirrors

Perspectives: Mirrors Learning Group
Painting Clouds on Mirrors
Week of October 7, 2013
            Up to this point in the semester, we have been focusing on our own reflections in mirrors. The children uncovered their reflections underneath sand on a mirror and spent time exploring with markers on their reflections. Since the children have begun to demonstrate an understanding of reflections, I wanted to present them with a way to explore the reflections of other things besides themselves.
            This week, we got to spend some time painting outside. Although the weather had been pretty miserable all weekend and Monday morning too, we were lucky enough to get some blue skies and sun just long enough for the children to explore! I provided them with our long mirror propped up on some blocks and white paint with a variety of paint brushes. The children immediately noted the lack of clouds in the sky and took it upon themselves to make their own clouds on the mirror. The children didn’t focus at all on their own reflections, but instead the reflection of the clear, blue sky. As we painted, we discussed the clouds they were making, the sky, the changes we are noticing in the weather and more. The children did a lot of looking back and forth between the sky and the mirror as they painted and became very excited when a few puffy clouds crossed the mirror while they were painting!

            The children were very engaged in the mirror this week and used it in new ways than they have before. Next week, I’m going to provide them with other reflective materials which may or may not act similarly to mirrors. I’m curious and excited to see what they will think of these materials and how we can use them to continue our exploration of reflections!

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