Monday, October 14, 2013

Perspectives: Camera Learning Group

Photographing Nature in Our Hands
October 14, 2013
This week, I wanted to focus on what they can photograph.  They seem to be stuck on the idea of only photographing people and I wanted to extend their ideas of nature.  I decided to do “Nature in our hands” after I saw a similar idea on the internet.  This is where the children decide what to hold in their hands and we focus on photographing just hands.  I thought this was a good balance of photographing people and nature.  They were still able to photograph people, but the focus was shifted to what they were holding in their hands.  The children were very excited to find items.  We held rocks, flowers, grass, leaves and wood chips.  They discussed the differences between the sizes of rocks and the colors of the leaves and flowers.  They were excited to view their pictures after we took photographs of different items in nature.

They were excited to use the iPad…and very curious about how it took pictures.  I want to take the children in to the courtyard next week again and show them how to photograph with the iPad.  I think using the iPad will help them take better photos without worrying about the lenses of the camera.  I want them to focus taking pictures of each other exploring the courtyard.

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