Saturday, October 19, 2013

Perspectives: Animals Hiding

Animals Hiding
Week of October 14, 2013
This week I decided to focus on the “hide and seek” game aspect of our explorations.  They really enjoy the process of hiding and finding the animals.  We took the children outside and played hide and seek with them.  They enjoyed hiding from Ms. Camardese, and they especially liked being found! The children realized if they crouched down they could hide better…it would make their bodies less visible.   

On Thursday, we played hide and seek with a big dinosaur and little animals.  We talked about how the little animals wanted to hide from the big dinosaur.  Many of the children hid the animals with a sense of urgency…to protect the small animals from the big scary dinosaur.  Some of the children enjoyed having the dinosaur find the animals… “I found you!” They would exclaim.

Next week…how can we hide something really big???  The children seem to understand that the animals need to be covered to be hidden.  They think that the animals are hidden under the clear containers because they are completely covered.  They have been problem solving what to do when the animal does not fit under the container.  How can we keep it hidden? I want to provide a large picture of an animal and collage materials.  Can we cover the entire animal so that it is completely hidden?

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