Friday, October 4, 2013

Perspectives: Mirror Learning Group

Drawing on Mirrors with Markers
Week of September 30, 2013

            After our exploration of sand on the mirrors last week, I wanted to introduce a different material which would still alter the way the children saw their reflections, but in a different way. 

This week, we used dry erase markers on small, square mirrors on stands. The mirrors were placed so the children could see their own reflections in them. I provided them with dry erase markers and asked them what we could do with them on the mirrors. The children immediately started drawing on the mirrors, describing what they were creating. Some children said they were drawing themselves and seemed to focus on a small part of the mirror and others were focused on covering the entire surface of the mirror with marker.

After this exploration and the discussions I have had with some of the children, I have seen a shift in the way they think about mirrors. After a few weeks of exploration, the children were able to tell me the marker wasn’t on them, but only on the mirror. This is quite a change from thinking there was multiples of themselves and sand on their faces. Now that we have spent time focusing on our own reflections, I would like to begin exploring reflections of other things in our environment.

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