Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Perspectives: How We View Our World Through Cameras

Learning to Use Our Cameras
Documenting People
Week of September 23, 2013

The children are always interested in our cameras.  We have several old cameras in the dramatic play area that do not work any more and the children use them to mimic what they see us doing with them. They often walk around and say, “cheese!” and point the camera at someone.  They were very excited to be able to use a real working camera today! We focused for a while on how to use the cameras...how to hold them, how to keep our fingers off the lenses and how to aim at the person we want to take a picture of.

 The children mostly wanted to take pictures of people and of each other.  Many of them quickly figured out how to lift the camera and look on the screen on the back to make sure the person they wanted in the picture was actually in the picture.  They were very excited when they snapped photos of each other.  They would wait to see their photograph and then they would run over to the person in the photo and say, “That’s you!”

Next week I would like to take the children outside so that they can document what they think is important outside.  This week we focused on people, next week I want to focus on nature.  What in nature will they view as important?  How do children view nature?

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