Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Perspectives: Animals Hiding

How Can We Hide Our Animals?
Week of September 23rd

 The children have been very engaged in hiding animals.  They enjoy finding places to hide their animals and dinosaurs inside and under objects.  This week I wanted to focus on hiding the animals completely...so that the animal is completely hidden from view.  We had large and small animals and dinosaurs available and recycled containers from our block area available.  I encouraged the children to hid the animals under the containers.

For the most part the children focused on hiding one animal under one container.  They started to recognize that if a small part of the animal was sticking out (tail or head) the animal was not really hiding well.  They started to problem solve how many animals could fit under one container.  We also explored the idea of big animals versus small animals.  While the children always grabbed small animals to hide, I would occasionally try to hide a larger animal.  The children quickly recognized that the big animals do not hide well and they would often toss them aside.

Next week I would like to provide different types of materials for the children to hide under, including see-through containers.  Will the children recognize that the animals are not hidden...even if they are completely under the clear container?  What types of containers and materials best hide our animals?

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