Monday, October 7, 2013

Perspectives - Camera Learning Group

What Is Important In Our Classroom?
Week of September 29th
 This week I wanted to focus less on people and more on what they like in the classroom.  What materials do they like? What areas of the room do they like the best?   However, when I encouraged them to take pictures of things in the classroom, they continued to take pictures of people, rather than objects.  Most of the children decided to take pictures of Mrs. Daigneau and Ms. Camardese first and then they moved onto taking pictures of each other and of kids playing in the room.  It was very interesting to see that what they thought was most important was the people in the classroom!

Next week we are taking our cameras outside…will they continue to take pictures of people or will their focus shift to nature?  We have been talking to the children about what they think is important. What do they want to capture? What do they want to remember?  I am very curious to see what it is about nature that they want to capture on camera.

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