Sunday, November 24, 2013

Perspectives: Cameras

Creating a Classroom Scavenger Hunt
November 13, 2013
This week we wanted to use our expertise of photography to create a scavenger hunt for our animals hiding group.  We walked around the room and photographed objects that we thought were important to include in our scavenger hunt.  I was very interesting to see what they photographed…often it would be their favorite toy or activity.  Sometimes, they were very particular about the picture they took…sometimes they just wanted to take as many pictures as possible!

Next week we would like to revisit the idea of photographing shadows.  They were so interested in shadows the week we explored “Look Up, Look Down.” I would like to explore this concept more deeply.  I will combine the ideas of our shadows/light and dark group.  We will use the projector and the shadow screen. I want to see if they can understand the concept of freezing photographing shadows that are dancing on the screen.  Will we be able to use our photographs later to find out who the shadows belong to?

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