Monday, November 18, 2013

Perspectives: Cameras

Using the Flip Camera as a Video Camera
November 6, 2013
This week we decided to use the flip camera to take some videos of our classroom.  The children were fascinated by watching the “world around them” move.  They were particularly interested in videotaping the floor and their feet.  When we encouraged them to get classmates or teachers into the frame, they would slowly lift the camera up until the person’s face was in the screen.  When we were watching the movies afterwards, they were excited to see each other in the movie.  They liked naming the names of their classmates and naming the objects in the room.

We wanted to work on combining some the ideas that we have been exploring in our classroom across all learning groups.  To do this I am going to have the camera learning group take pictures of things in our classroom.  We will create a scavenger hunt to then find the objects.  Our “Animals Hiding” group really likes to find things that are hiding.  We want to see if they can use our photos as a scavenger hunt and find our items in the classroom.

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