Saturday, November 9, 2013

Perceptions: How Do We Perceive Sound?

Summary Week of September 30th , 2013
ow do we perceive sound?

This week we explored with the autoharps.  The children noticed the vibrations of the tuning forks last week and I wanted to find another way for the children to explore and feel the sound.  They were very intrigued by the autoharps at first and found many different ways to use them.  Some of the children plucked the strings with their fingers, while others used their whole hands to swipe across the autoharp.  They noticed the strings moved to create the sound.  They also noticed the keys of the autoharp would change the sound, and even stop it.  Some of the children placed their hands on top of the stings to feel the movement.  Joanne noticed this right away.  She would place her hand on top of the strings to feel them move and noticed they stopped.  Stephanie noticed the strings moved when she pulled them, as did Jacob.  He plucked each individual string, observing what happened each time he did so.  Some of the children lightly banged on the strings, trying to figure out if that would make sound as well. 

Next week we will work with the piano.  The piano worked in a similar way to the autoharp, where stings move to create sound.  The main difference with the piano is you cannot see how the strings move, where you can with the autoharp. The children have often noticed the piano while visiting the seminar room, so I am eager to see how they interact with it.  I think they will be very excited! 

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