Sunday, November 3, 2013

Perspectives: Camera

Look Up, Look Down
October 30, 2013

On Monday, we read a book called “Look Up, Look Down” by Tana Hoban. This book showed different photographs that were taken outside in nature.  The photographer focused on things on the ground and in the sky.  We discussed how the photographer had to either “look up” or “look down” to capture the image.  They were particularly interested in the last photo of the book, which showed the shadow of the photographer taking a picture of his own shadow.  We decided to take this activity outside with our own cameras.  Can they capture photos by looking up and looking down? What would they focus on?

We went out as a group and first reflected on the book we read on Wednesday.  They talked about the things they saw in the book and pointed to similar items outside. To the clouds, the trees, the leaves on the ground, etc.  We then took turns with the camera and I encouraged them to look up and to look down.  The children really focused their pictures on things in the sky and things on the ground.  They struggled with how to hold the camera and aim at the sky at the same time…looking down with the camera was much easier.  At the end we went to find our shadows.  We wanted to take pictures of our shadows just like the photographer did in the book.  We all lined up and the children took turns taking pictures of our shadows. 

I had postponed the flip camera this week, since they were so interested in the “Look Down, Look Up” book. Next week I will provide them with the flip camera and allow them to take videos of each other and of the children in the classroom.

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