Sunday, November 3, 2013

Perspectives: Animals Hiding

Where Are the Animals Hiding?
Week of October 28, 2013

Knowing that the children enjoy looking for animals, I wanted to provide an “I Spy” type game.  I projected a scene of animals on to the wall and said, “Come find the animals! They are hiding? Who can find the animals?” The children enjoyed looking for and pointing out their shadows.  They also incorporated everything they have learned over the past few weeks and started “hiding the animals.” Some of the children realized they could hide the animals with their bodies and with their shadows.  Some children used paper and their hands to try to hide the animals.  Again, the activity became a “hide and seek” type game.

I wanted to go into the direction of camouflage; however the interest is not so much why animals have to hide.  The children enjoy the “hide and seek” aspect of the activities the most.  They like hiding the animals and then finding the animals.  Next week I want to play a hide and seek game with cups and balls.  I will hide the balls in cups and move the cups around to see if they can find the balls.  Can they hide the balls and keep their friends from finding the balls under the cups?

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