Sunday, December 1, 2013

Perspectives: Cameras

Photographing Shadows
November 20, 2013
A few weeks ago, the children were very interested in their shadows when we went outside on a nature walk.  When we did the Look Up, Look Down activity, they were fascinated that they could photograph their shadows.  I would like to do an activity where they are photographing their shadows on the shadow screen.  This will connect more with the light and dark group who have been exploring their shadow movements.  Can we take pictures of our shadows? Can we photograph movement? If our shadows are dancing will our pictures show them dancing? How can we “freeze” movement?

The children loved taking pictures with the shadows.  When I first started encouraging them to take pictures of the shadows, they would just take pictures of the actual person.  After they realized where the shadows were, they started taking pictures of the shadows on the screen.  I encouraged them to take challenging pictures - for example...their foot’s shadow.  They struggled with this because their feet did not show up in the shadows.  They would lift their feet or jump to try to capture a picture  of the shadow of their feet.

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