Friday, November 16, 2012

Tunnel Learning Group - Week 8

 Vertical Tubes
November 12-16

The implementation of the eighth inquiry involved children expanding on their exploration of the big idea "Where did it go?" The children wanted to study the motion of an object passing through another. In this activity the children explored and investigated the vertical stationary tubes by rolling marbles through them. They noticed that the marbles get stuck when it hit the carpet. They were not sure how to get it out and tried looking inside the tube to see if the marble was still there. They then attempted to use their hands to get it out. Then some of the children figured out that by twisting the tube sideways they can release the marble. The children had to problem solve to get the marbles out of the tubes. Some concepts the children learned during this activity include the concept of motion, cause and effect, fine motor skills and directionality.

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