Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scenery Learning Group - Week 7

Ant Tunnels!
Week of Nov 5th – 9th, 2012

This week I wanted to try out a different direction in our learning group.  While exploring the safari animal prints the children often enjoy tracing the pattern with their fingers.  I wanted to extend this idea more.  I printed scenery of an ant farm and talked to the children about how ants create tunnels underground.  We found plastic ants and acted out making the tunnels.  The children really enjoyed tracing the tunnels with their ants on the wall.   They talked a lot about where the ant was going and often we would have a “crash” when two ants tried to cross paths!
A few days later we worked on making our own ant tunnels on paper.  We used markers to represent the tunnels underground and then used an ant stamp to place ants in our tunnels!  They really enjoyed putting a lot of ants in their tunnels!  They talked about the holes and where the tunnels were going.  They were very interested in the ant stamp… touching its legs and head.
The children are very interested in acting out the animals we have been using.  I want to change gears and start working without dollhouse people…perhaps creating a house scene or city scene.  I want to see how they adjust their pretend skills from animals to people.  Will they act out familiar scenes? Will they interact with each other more?  If I project our classroom will they act out school life?

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