Monday, November 5, 2012

Sound Learning Group - Week 6

This week for our inquiry we explored the location of sound.  We used plastic pipes, blocks, and tuning forks for our exploration.  The children used the plastic pipes to try and find where the sound comes from.  When they first saw the pipes they used them as drum sticks and hit the floor and basket.  After I put it against my mouth some of the children mimicked my behavior.  Other kids talked through it before I showed them.  We also used the pipes as phones, one of us talked through one end while the other listened at the other.  The children were interested in the tuning forks.  They were fascinated with listening to the sound.  Since they have been introduced to the tuning fork in our last lesson they understood the relationship between the vibration and the sound.  They tried making the sound for the tuning fork. 
To extend our exploration we will be looking at sounds from height.  By using buckets, one which has cotton and another which is empty we will throw different materials and hear the difference in sound.                   

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