Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scenery Learning Group - Week 6

Exploring More With Animal Prints

This week we explored animal prints and tried to match them with the animal they belong to.  I made transparencies of animal outlines and then printed the pattern of their skin/fur on plain paper.  I wanted to see if they could match the print to the correct animal.  The children were very excited to see the patterns of animals. They immediately tried to start naming the animals.  When it came to placing the correct animal on top of the corresponding animal print, they struggled somewhat.  They enjoyed trying out the animal skin on each animal to see what the new animal would look like.  They would often match each animal to an animal print (not worrying about if it was correct or not) and then take them off and switch around the animals.  

We were very busy doing animal print activities this week.  We created our own safari scenery and created animals to place into our scenery.  

We also explored animal safari masks and talked about the prints on each animal.  We enjoyed acting like safari animals!

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