Monday, December 3, 2012

Sound Learning Group - Week 9

November 27, 2012
Sound Through Solid Surfaces
We continued to explore sound travel but this week we investigated sound travel through solid surfaces.  Our materials were a wooden board, paper cups (some with the bottom and others without), and drum sticks.  The children used their prior knowledge when manipulating the materials.  They saw the cups and immediately put it up to their mouth and talked through it as well as listen through them.  They also played the drum stick on the board.  When I stood on one side and the kids on the other, I asked them what they hear while hitting the drum stick on the board; some children said they hear a noise coming from the board others said the noise was coming from the other side of the room.  Either way they knew the sound was coming from someplace other than where they were.  The children understand that sound can move, we have done many activities in which they have explored this concept.  Other children looked around the board to find the sound.  When they realized it was not coming from their side they looked over the board to find one of the other children hitting the board with a drum stick.  They made the connection between sound travel and grasped it can move through solids.  

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