Saturday, December 1, 2012

Scenery Learning Group - Week 10 part 2

Week of Nov 26th – 30th, 2012
At the end of this week, I decided to pull out our city landscape scene.  In this scene there are no people or animals.  The children were very interested in the tall buildings.  They want to reach as high as the buildings and they talked about how big they were.  Many of the children wanted to build with the blocks and tried to make buildings that were very tall like the ones on the wall.  We explored different types of buildings and ways we can build so that our structures were stable.  The children added people and cars to the play after a little bit of exploration.  They were very interested in making streets for the cars and sidewalks for the people to walk on.  I found this very interesting since we could not see any streets or sidewalks, but the children knew they were a part of the city.  There was a lot of problem solving while they determined how long and wide to make the different streets for different cars.

Next week we will be revisiting our learning group at group time and sharing with the rest of the class the things we learned.  This is always a great opportunity for the children to reflect on their experiences and learning.   

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