Monday, March 11, 2013

Boats and Cars

On March 6, in the block area, the children started their exploration of moving the cars and the boats movements on and across the water.  For this activity, the teacher used the water table, small cars, small boats and wood blocks as bridge. The children walked to the blocks and were very excited especially when they saw the cars and the boats. The children were curious when they saw boats and cars together next to the water table. Some children took the cars and they turned the wheels with their hands before they started moving it back and forth over the bridge.  Some children worked in groups and they decided to move the bridge and make it lower. They put half of the bridge in the water to make it low. They took the cars put them on the top of the bridge moved them down to the water table. Some children took the boats and they moved them very slowly on the water and across the bridge. The children were very engaged and they enjoyed moving the cars and the boats on and over the bridge, but they were confused about how they could move the cars on the high bridge without falling down in the water. Next week, based on the teacher observation, the children will have the opportunity to build high bridges using different kinds of blocks. The kindergartens children will come visit the toddlers’ room and help them build high bridges. 

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