Monday, March 11, 2013

Bridges on the Feltboard

     I positioned a picture of various bridges in the middle, top part of the felt board. Earlier, I cut representations of the bridges in the picture out of felt and then cut them into pieces. My intention is to have the children explore the pieces to see if they could create the bridges pictured.

     Lucie starts to build her bridge high on the board after watching Olivia create hers. When I ask her how the cars are gong to get cross with the bridge so high, she moves her bridge to the middle of the board. Soon Lucie and Olivia realize they can build a more elaborate bridge if they work together.
     Jack becomes quite engaged once I make  simple bridges on the felt board , then add the cars and animals. He quickly begins to tell me all about the cars and how they are going to cross the bridge  with the animals.  Jack even  built roads with strips of felt as they fell off.

     Myles was no as engaged in this activity but was the only one to figure out the same color pieces went together.  As he picked up the small piece he held it up and said “brown”. Then he picked up the other brown piece and added to the felt board saying “I build a brown bridge.”   

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