Monday, March 11, 2013

Tracing Bridges

Pictures of bridges were sitting on the light table and children came over to look at them. They recognized the bridges as well as the water under the bridges. They then covered the pictures with tracing paper. They looked out for features of the bridges and traced them. The children copied the straight lines they saw and some made them stretch across their paper. Others recognized the general shape of the bridge and used their tracing paper to color in and around the area of the bridge. Some children noticed shapes within the bridge and used their pencils and crayons to color inside of these shapes.
Throughout our past few explorations the children have been paying attention to details over and under bridges as they made their representations. I would like to explore this concept of representing the over and under concept of bridges while also moving from drawing into creating three dimensional representations. The kindergarten class is also exploring building and has been thinking about how to build objects that can be used to go over and under. In our next step we will be working with the kindergarteners to create three-dimensional representations of bridges by using blocks. They will be working together to explore how they can build a bridge that something could go over and under.

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