Friday, May 16, 2014

Making Mixtures

Making Mixtures

When we were exploring the water movement on the ramps, the children began showing interest in mixing the water. They were talking about ways they have mixed things before, especially talking about cooking and mixing ingredients. Today I provided the children with water and flour and encouraged them to mix the ingredients together. They were very interested in watching the water change color as they added the flour to it.  They were also very engaged in just mixing the mixture together. They said they were making soup and cooking.

Once all of the flour and water were mixed together, we poured the mixture into the water table. The children continued to mix the mixture together. They also began to explore the sensory experience of the mixture. They noticed if they reached to bottom of the mixture, they could find lumps of flour. They began talking about going fishing and finding fish. When they pulled a lump of flour out of the water they exclaimed, “I caught a fish! I caught a big one!” This concept connects to the fishing activities we have been exploring in the block area for the last two weeks. They are particularly interested in the idea of catching and finding fish in the water.

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