Thursday, May 8, 2014

Exploring the Ocean

What would we do in the ocean?
The children had many ideas on what we would do if we were in a boat in the ocean. Some children talked about going to hotels (perhaps on vacation!) Some children talked about looking for waterfalls. Hassan was insistent that we needed a “hose” to catch fish with.
We need to go fishing in the ocean!
The next day I talked with Hassan about going fishing. We went to the art studio and found some string that we could use to fish with. Emma showed us how to throw the string into the water. Hassan and Hilton dangled their string over the boat into the water and waited patiently to catch a fish.

 What would we see in the ocean?

 Researching Oceans
We have been talking as a class about how we can use books a research to learn more about topics.  We provided the children with books about ocean animals and books about different types of boats.  Some new things we learned were:
· Starfish have feet attached to their arms.
· Captains drive ships
· Some boats can squirt water

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