Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Exploring the Motion of Water- Week of February 11th, 2013

Our group has always shown a strong interest in water.  Building on this interest we have decided to explore the motion of water this semester.  This was our first week of in depth study and documentation.  For our first exploration the children had the chance to explore just water, without any tools or other materials.  In the past we have explored using a variety of tools (including funnels, cups and tubes) but the children did not express a need for those tools in our exploration.  By providing just water to the children we were able to fully analyze what the children already know about the motion of water.  What an interesting exploration this was; a great deal of splashing and wet clothes, as well as great ideas were produced!  The children showed an interest in making waves and bubbles.  The movement of their hands produced large splashes and bubbles.  Jack noticed the bubbles came from under water.  Hassan and Ramzi noticed when we moved our hands faster we produced more splashes.  We discussed the idea of moving our hands faster or slow to produce a different amount of waves.  Many of the children also tried to move the water by picking it up or grabbing it in their hands.  When one of the children noticed Ms. Camardese had water on her arm, he tried to pick up more water and put it on her arm, but could not seem to grasp it.  Later in the week we brought blocks to the table and watched how they splashed in the water, again making the water move.  They have some ideas about how water moves and how to make it move; we will continue to explore these ideas.

Next week we plan to explore waves.  The children showed a strong interest in how the water moved and spread around in the water table.  We introduced the words waves and splashing with the children.  Rather than using our hands next week, we will use some different utensils to make the water move.  Check out our blog next week to see what the children are working on!

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