Monday, February 18, 2013

Cars Moving over Bridges

On February 13, in the block area, the children started their exploration of moving the cars across the water.  For this activity, the teacher used the water table, cars and wood blocks as bridge.  The children got so excited when they saw the water table; they were curious what they could do with wood block across the water table. The children approached the water table, some children observed the water table for a while. After, they chose a car and they moved it back and forth on the bridge. Some children took a car and they decided to throw it in the water table. The children were talking to each other, a child looked and he said “Car goes over the bridge”. The children liked the idea of how cars moved across the water; they moved it very slowly to the end of the bridge. Some children moved the cars to the middle of the bridge and they pushed them in to the water table. They stood for a while observing what would happen to the cars in the water. The children were very engaged and involved with each other moving the cars across the water.

Next week and based on the children interest, the children will explore the movement of the boats on the water. I will give them the opportunity to observe and explore how boats fit under the bridge on the water.

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