Thursday, May 16, 2013


The children have been asking a lot of questions about the birds we see outside our window.  They want to know the names of the birds and how to tell the birds apart.  They are also inquiring about how the birds move...are their wings like our arms? Why can they fly with their wings? Can we fly with our arms? We have been exploring these questions and ideas over the course of the semester.  We also have been hunting for birds and birds nests.  What are nests made out of? Why do the birds leave their nests? Where do they go? How do the eggs hatch?

 Oscar watches a video of a bird in flight.

Jack discusses what the nest is made of.
He draws a large circle to represent the nest and lines 
to represent the sticks.

 Fiona shows us with her arm how the birds flap their wings

Mazzy adds brown to his drawing because "The sticks
are all brown on the nest."

A bird is taking care of her eggs.

Lucie says, "The bird flew away! Where is he going?"

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