Friday, September 28, 2012

Scenery Learning Group - Week 1

For one of my material exploration lessons, I wanted to project a scene on the wall using the overhead projector and see how the children interacted with it.  For the first scene I decided to use a tree since we have a small tree and stumps in our block area.  The children were fascinated by the tree and the scene projected on the wall.  They used their hands and bodies to interact with the scene.  They also used the tree blocks and the animals.  Some children tried to “jump” into the scene.  Others spent some time comparing the part of the wall with the tree and the part of the wall without the tree…testing if the different areas “feel” different.  The children tried putting animals in the tree on the wall and in our small tree in the corner of the block area.  They also enjoyed building their own trees with the tree blocks. 
To extend this idea, I would like to change the scene next time to a forest.  I want to compare how they interact differently with a whole forest scene compared to just one tree.  I wonder if they will continue to use the animals and tree blocks in the block area or if their exploration will focus more on their bodies interacting with the scene.

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